Akos Czigany


publisher: Hungarian Museum of Photography details

ISBN: 978-963-12-8542-0

100 copies

176 pages

63 black and white duotone reproductions

with essays by János Térey, poet and writer, and Gigliola Foschi, critic and curator

English and Hungarian bilingual edition

price: 19.990 HUF
Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét, Hungary
Mai Manó Bookshop in Mai Manó House, Budapest, Hungary

© photographs: Akos Czigany
© texts: Gigliola Foschi, János Térey
© edited by: Péter Baki
© translation: Pamela Cowdery, Andrew Gane, Zoltán Móra-Ormai

© cover, book design, typeface: Ádám Katyi website type foundry

supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary

book review by Gábor Gerhes (in Hungarian)